The Trumpstorm and Terraforming

As always in Peoplenomics, we are not whiners – we deal in solutions.  In fact, turning lemons into lemonade is our stock-in-trade.

This week, what the pseudo-media was screaming about (the Trumpstorm) is actually a marvelous opportunity to move in the direction of making America great, again.  But, you need to grok terms like neocolonial business models to see it.  When you do, Trump’s candor is distinctly anti-racist contrary to the MSM pitch.

We explain – after headlines and the charts…

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Best Investor: Buffett or Trump?

Hmmm… not sure if the (lazy) mainstream media is willing to tackle some stories because they involve math, but this morning we run out some numbers to settle the question.

Depending on party, and whether you like the teach of Apprentice, or the Sage of Omaha, we’ll see who puts what kind of returns on the board.

After charts, a press release, and the morning’s overview of the world gone mad…

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Thinking About a Retirement Commune?

We’ve been trying to figure out what our “Next Adventure” will be and honestly, it turns out to be a lot harder to nail down than we ever thought.

We can live virtually anywhere, but that doesn’t help.  Because we have a very specific set of criteria…and it makes for an interesting exploration asking “What is the PERFECT Retirement?”

After a few headlines, charts, and our weekly look-ahead.

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Prepping for the A.I. War

It will be here before you know it:  The millions displaced and unable to stay on the “social conveyor” we so proudly tout as an “American thing.”

The displaced?  Fast food workers, truck drivers…and the list is nearly endless.  Robotics is coming.

So is the A.I. war on humans.  The A.I. will defend the “rights” of machine owners not to pay the equivalent of income taxes on the work of machines.  Absent money to pay the social tab, the Masters of the Machines will turn their evil spawn on humans to remain in control. 

Not an especially chipper outlook, but you come here for the thinking, not the comfort.  So we stick a toe or two into those waters after coffee, headlines, and charts.

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2017: The Last “Civilized year?”

A “point and to the short” report this weekend since most of our subscribers will be too busy counting up the gains for the year and engaged in tax planning and such.

Nevertheless, an intriguing question has arisen from this week’s trading and we need to consider some of its implications.

So only a few headlines, but a lot of chart commentary this morning as we try to sort through the messy relationship between headlines and bottom lines…

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The Tripwires of 2018

We have again seen a spectacularly correct year in our outlooks for the market.  Importantly, we have also grown our ability to ‘get it right’ this year on several fronts.

But we won’t make a foolish forecast of optimism overall, although that was an easy call last year.  The reason?  We have a large (and growing) number of tripwires to be wary of in 2018.  Any one of them could provide the critical prick to blow-out the stock bubble.  And no question, but that Wall Street has its full complement of pricks….

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Working in The Realms

There is something special about this time of the year, alright.  But has little to do with wrappings and trees.

I refer to the project each of us own, that is, to work on our “inner realms” while we work out way through life on this plane.

This morning, a short but quite remarkable sequence about ‘dream work’ because sometimes, there are things more important than money.  After headlines and charts, of course.

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Mastering a Third Matrix

There’s something stirring inside me – and no, not eggnog or sourdough pancakes. 

It’s another book…and a follow-on to The Millennia’s Missing Manual: What School Didn’t Teach and What Old People Didn’t Explain.  Although this book is extremely useful, even when coupled with another great book on “matrix thinking” skills,  And Suddenly the Inventor Appeared: TRIZ, the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving, there is still another critical matrix to conquer.

So, we set our sights on that mountain after we revel a bit in the Santa Rally afterglow and look in on a few headlines.

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Notes on Home Automation

We delve into an interesting trend in today’s report:  What’s the future of home automation?  Shoot; let’s try some on and find out!  Yee-haw…

We have plenty of media models (auto-opening doors on the Enterprise, for example) but we look at some of the other issues involved.  After headlines, charts, and a few snide remarks along the way…

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