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If you automatically come back here again, this just means you need to trash an old page which is "stuck" in your computer's brain.  It's called "dump the page cache."


The page cache in Internet Exploder Explorer can be found under Tools>Internet Options>General.  Simply clear the browser history.  (It's a good time to clean up other junk files, too, if you want...)


If you have Firefox,  you may need to clear your history located somewhere else. (Thanks lawyers of the world for making everyone hide the same functions somewhere different, eh?)  To learn the sacred art of clearing your cache (our old pages) simply go to the Mozilla support page here.


If you are having trouble clearing out the old browser history in Google Chrome, goeth yee here, brethren: link Say hi to the agency.


APPLISTISTS: To learn how to clear your browser in Safari, try over this-a-way.


Sorry for any inconvenince (but a click?  Seriously?)

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This completes our server migration begun in July. Thanks for your patience as we continue to make improvements!