Rethinking How “News” is Organized

Heady topic this morning as we take off down a different rabbit hole.  We’re going to “re-cast the news” and get rid of some of the shrill.

As you know the term “fake news” has become quite popular lately, but as we shall demonstrate (complete with a class project and new website  as time permits) there’s a chance that how America looks at “the news”: may be seriously screwed up.  No, make that pretty sure…

Since we live in a country where monetizing our problems is a way of life…let’s see if we can’t make a business model that will serve the needs of the nonpartisan middle a bit better, shall we?

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Things “Preppers” Usually Miss – I

Got food?  Water?  Dandy first-aid kit?  A lifetime supply of toi8let paper?  Cooking surface (like a rocket stove)?  Foraging books? Sleeping bags?  Serious walking shoes? Exit/bug-out plans? 

Food rotation plans?  Sprouting seeds?  Manual and magneto-running garden tools that are EMP proof?  Couple of solar panels, batteries, inverters, shortwave radio?  Ham radio gear, communications plan, guns, Qwik-Clot, bulletproof vest for the roving gangs?

Well, you missed a huge – and massively more useful angle or prepping.  In this morning’s Part 1 we’re going to begin fixing that.

After I explain my latest short trade, that is.

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Like Shooting Fish? Or Do Fish Shoot Back?

Normally, I would post this as a subscriber update on the site, but I will post to both in order we are all on the same page.

I took out a small short position today against the Dow on the theory (as we have discussed many times) that the NASDAQ/techs lead the way.

My specific trade (and this is NOT advice!) was

Buy X,XXX SDOW Executed @ $31.8264  06/09/17 | 01:56 PM ET.

I am looking at this as an arbitrage trade since the NASDAQ is now down more than 2 percent.

Can all “tape-painting” in the Dow prevent a major drop here?

Well, I’ve got some money where my mouth is…

May or may not hold over the weekend, but between all the “literary language laying” and techs in free-fall, WTF? 

It’s only money… we’ll see how it looks going into the close…

Write when…oh, you know…

A Biphasic Solar Market Correlation

One of our readers was asking just yesterday while I was tinkering with my new high-end graphics package if there was a correlation between the solar eclipse this summer and the coming crash.
No, but we DID find a FAR more interesting correlation which is laid out in the ChartPack this morning.
That, a few headlines, and a ramble on why Chaos As Synthetic Growth, and yep…some head-benders to work on.

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Setting Up the “Trade of a Lifetime”

Few readers will remember a year and a half back when I was on a national radio show (“Coast”) and said the doom porn crowd would be wrong.  Then last winter I said again that we have several targets ahead in 2017 where the markets COULD hit their all time highs.
We’re pleased as punch, once again, to have gotten things spot-on.  But with all time highs going in the books every day, when do we set up to make a bundle when the markets reverse and head down?
This morning a discussion and how we plan to cash in on our own work….again,

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Prepped: Tuning the Bug-Out Plan

Since the odds of a North Korean first-use are slowly rising over time, we present a rather longish discussion this morning of the factors you will want to be considering (pre-planning) now since at the last minute you’ll be busy.

So we run through the whole McGillah – including the shared Life Plans, the general bug-out case, the nuclear plume dispersal models, and wind shifts that impact fallout and how to model those simply using publicly available information.

Toss in a few headlines and more than a dozen charts and….well, consider this your mid-week book.

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Dead or Useless, I: Retirement and Real Estate Reality

The first of a two-part series today on some of the real problems of seniors (including us) as we look at what’s ahead.

We will consider inflation data from the Depression era and run some numbers on differently times exit strategies which may give you some useful ideas.

First, though, a few short headlines and then into our ChartPack when the mania is alive and well both in markets and in Bitcoins.

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Why ETF’s Are Great (Until They’re Not)

Let me give you about 2,885 Words of Caution.  Yes, this morning’s Peoplenomics runs a little longer than usual.  But with good reason.

You see, I’m going to show you why in a Crash, you may not want to be playing in the levered ETF game. 

That bit of bad news aside, we do have alternatives for how to “make a killing” on the way down.

First, though, a few headlines and our charts which all by themselves is worth the price of admission.

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