“Document” Your House?

This morning we look at a kind of novel idea:  Should you “document” your home?

What would be involved – and what are the payoffs – if any?

But first, we zoom-in on our Replay of 1929 roll along and see how the market is doing as it tracks our parabolic blow-off expectations…on our way to a “content-controlled world” in five, or less.

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“Factor Three” Stock Bubble Behaviors

We will be focusing on the one reason Peoplenomics exists:  To make money by outsmarting the herd when it comes to managing our personal retirement accounts and such.

Remember, subscribers have been long this market for 15 weeks and some – using triple levered ETFs – have gains north of 30% which is a huge success by any measure lasting.

This morning we look at a couple of past bubbles and consider what’s the “bubble factor.”  How many times can a market multiply from its baseline?  The answer is….no, you gotta subscribe for that, sorry.

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A Second Depression Master Plan

We go through a real in-depth discussion this morning of where things are lining up for a potential all-time-high next month (or shortly after).

While it is not inevitable, it is becoming increasingly likely as each week continues to bring us confirmation of our long-forecast March area potential All-Time-High.

This morning not only will we flesh out some details and give you some trading ideas, but we will also look at the way to prepare for it as we consider parallels to past manias including the 1919-1927 Florida Land bubble which smacks of recent economic history here in the U.S.

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Peoplenomics “Book of Larger Contexts”

We stray from our usual track this morning  to lay out a kind of “Here’s How It All Works” report that’s some 7,000 words in length.

Lots of charts, too.

We cover everything from the immigration debate – and explain how it’s really a fundamental economic issue.  In addition, we walk-through why a Trump Tax Cut is a horrible idea and could easily backfire.

And all, when you think about it – which we do this morning – then leads to the even-larger context of governments repudiating fixed convertibility for money.

What frightens us most is that governments worldwide are moving to simply “make up” valuations of fiat money on the weak argument that terrorism could be fostered by cash.

That’s not a lie, per se.  More like an incredible stretch of the truth.  Which in turn begs the question whether tax cuts beget cashless, cashless begets floating scrip, and in the end panic as paper money heads for the scrap heap.

Definitely a “three-cupper” of a report.

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Is America Insane?

We approach a very difficult problem this morning:  Mental Health of America.

Based on the outbreaks of “fake news” and “competing facts,” and other such MSM drivel, we sit back with some psychological glasses on, come up with metrics of “what makes crazy” and put up some data.

I think you’ll find the answer sadly disheartening.

But that’s not the only story.  Trump has just made another stupid mistake and we point out his latest… as I told you we would be supportive and give him a chance…but his latest is blowing something big.

Due Process.

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The Weaponization of Social Media

Ouch!  Not a very comfortable topic today.  But an important one to consider going forward.

It began as a simple discussion of how America needs to begin coming up with new – and more effective – ways to fight militant Islamic jihadists.  But in the process, turns out that in addition to having a terrible “soft underbelly” in things like the SCADA systems that run utilities and such, the biggest “target of opportunity” is sitting right in front of us.

Social media…  It’s also why given time, perhaps within five years or less, we will see the arrival of my long-predicted web content licensing.

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Cobots: The Mixed-Intelligence Future

Not sure how conversant you are with the term but this morning we look at how we sink into the quicksand of humankind’s relationship with machines.

We will start in a very old elevator and somehow end up in what pilots call “the flight levels.”

And along the way, we will see some very difficult relational problems as the upright apes meet the rechargeable machines.

After headlines, coffee, and some fascinating charts about our 1929 Replay scenario.

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EU-Bashing: An Alternative to Trump-Bashing

As readers know, I am a huge fan of equality.

This week especially, since there has been mostly nothing but a parade of Trump bashing on the mainstream media and it’s been old since the election which the die-hards on the left can seem to accept they lost.

But there are other targets for the public’s ire worldwide, and this morning we line up some of the going-on in the European Union which has been enjoying something of a free pass with Trump being the press lightning rod of late.

But that ends this morning after a few headlines and our charts on where the market goes next…

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