Occam’s Update

Our Peoplenomics update Wednesday suggested a methodology to figure out if we are on the right side or the left side of that mega bubble that popped in the fall of 1929.

This morning, we offer subscribers an update based on the close of trading Wednesday and looking at the futures (up strongly) this morning.

While this is not trading advice, it is nevertheless very useful information to have at a time of nearly unpredictable markets.  We hope you enjoy it!

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Occam’s Spreadsheet

Two new charts arrive this morning (amidst a long-winded discussion on method and where we are in the rhyme financially) which may in coming days and weeks help jus to figure out when to get on either the “last train out” to the upside, or get out  of in front of the bus on the downside.

This being Consumer prices and retail, let’s do those first, shall we?

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Bear Hunting Monday?

Our research indicates the potential for explosive upside action in markets next week.

Please excuse our lack of a “focus” piece today – I was totally engrossed in trading this week because with market volatility, it’s what I do.  I like to trade.  This week, in particular, trading and future world events are remarkably linked as you shall see.

Remember: The work presented here value to any investor – short or long-term – but it is never investment advice, per se.  It is a knowledgeable discussion, but not advice.

In my own account, getting it as close to right as possible is a mind-numbing experience.  I sat in front of the monitor all day Friday (except pee breaks) and saw red ink bleeding off our account balances as the market dropped 450 points.  The compensation was modest:  I got the trade right  as the market rallied at the end (+500 briefly) and along the way made enough for half a dozen nice dinners out (OR 83-pizzas, lol).

This morning we skip everything (headlines and blah, blah) because this feels like a major inflection point.  Next week, I expect a massive “running of the bears.”  With our normal format out the window, bean up and let me run you through we arrived at this remarkable outlook…

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Meanwhile: Hacking Space-Time

We will (of course!) have an in-depth review of the market decline – so far – in the ChartPack this morning.  And while I did wade in (for all of about 20-minutes) on the long side at the open Tuesday, when things turned negative, we were out in a flash.  Trick with “catching falling knives” is to notice when you’ve missed and exit ASAP.

That leaves us with a few mental processor clicks to keep crunching on the problem of the ultimate hack, as outlined in my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time.  By the way, if you’ve read it, favorable reviews on Amazon are appreciated…

Onto the coffee, charts and outlooks, and then into the “great beyond…”  You especially won’t like our Global charts, though:  The End of the Financial World is pulling into view…

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Special Update for Peoplenomics Subscribers

A special update is in order for our subscribers because Monday was an historic day in the market.  Whenever you lose more than 11-hundred Dow points, it IS  a big deal.

We don’t normally do special updates, but there are three reasons we are doing the “unordinary” so let’s jump right into those.

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Numerically Modeling the Future

Today we present what will be a discussion in the upcoming Peoplenomics Handbook for subscribers, in which we present a methodology to take an informed guess at the future.

Unlike linguistic, spiritual, energy-readings, and predictive dream content the advantage of numerical modeling is that it can be used to inform actual money-making trades.  Think of it as ginning-up your own financial advice.

Just as soon as we hit the coffee pot and roll through some headlines…and ponder:  Did a stealth the all-time high come in last week?

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Is Sales a Deprerssion-Proof Career?

Yes, another free eBook for subscribers.  This one comes for those who might have missed it before:  It’s a book covering the basic skills you need in order to become a successful salesperson.

Of course, there’s also that little matter of the market dumping 540 points in the lead-in to Trump’s State of the Union and the Fed decision this afternoon, so refill the cup and let’s see how it’s looking…

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Depression-Era Career Planning

A “longish reportish” this morning at the request of a Millennial subscriber (yes, there are a few bright ones) who wanted to know what jobs would be hot, and what would not, when the second depression eventually shows up.

Unlike some (dumbed-down and simple) sites, we’re not going to waste your time with some two-bit list of job titles.  Instead we’ll hash over macro-economic drivers and our Seven Major Life Systems view of things then apply  a career-pathing strategy.  After headlines, charts, and a lot more coffee, of course.

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Two Major Trip Wires

One of them has to do with the timing of the end of the stock market rally, which begins to emerge out of the “fog of futures” when we get out into the Q1 US market reporting period. I’ll explain.

The second is of such a sensitive nature that we have chosen not to identify even the topic on the open-access (free) side of this site because its implications are significant.

No more hype…let’s dig in – after some headlines and charts…

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