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If you are (more or less) normal, try this one:

Are you sure you want to read this disclaimer? Only a weak-willed sissy (or a lawyer - and a slimy one at that) would ever really read a disclaimer. By reading this you are admitting that you are not in charge of your personal life, that you have no self confidence and can not be trusted to make your own intelligent decisions. Is that what you really want? Do you want your friends to know what a flake you are? Do you want the whole world to know that if something goes wrong - rather than fixing it - you'll run simpering to a shyster to make it right.

Come on, grow up!

I am not offering you financial advice. Sure the sky is falling. This site writes about it. If you wanna duck, that's dandy. If you don't, well that's your business. If you want to play in the middle of the freeway, that's your business, too.

You know what is sick? There is a whole world of lawyers out there want will support you in whatever you do - no matter how stupid. Take this disclaimer. It comes right out and says 'DON'T TRADE ON ANY ADVICE OFFERED ON THIS SITE WITHOUT TALKING TO A PROFESSIONAL FIRST. INVESTING - ESPECIALLY OPTIONS TRADING IS A FINE BUT RISKY (zero-sum, take the money from the new kids kind of) GAME! PEOPLE CAN - AND DO - LOSE THEIR BUTTS ON A REGULAR BASIS. IF YOU WON'T FEEL BAD MAKING A PAYMENT ON SOME LONG ISLAND RICH KID'S MERCEDES, THEN FINE, MAYBE YOU HAVE THE TEMPERMENT - EVEN SO, GET EXPERT HELP BEFORE YOU INVEST".

WHEW! Having said all that, if you trade on any information on this page - there is no doubt some slimeball who will promise you the moon if you do something stupid and lose money. There's no doubt some hack will suggest "recourse". I'm an ex-journalist by trade - even got a bunch of awards tucked away (SDX and so forth in fact) and I try to present facts - within context. I will no doubt someday fail to get it right. Oh well. You lose on your trades, I lose on mine. You ain't paying me. (If you would like to pay, of course, send the check along...)

Well fine. This disclaimer is specifically written not for the lawyer-leaches of the world, but for the really good folks who are Mr. & Ms. and Mrs. Joe Six-pack. That's right - the heart and soul of America. The woking people who think there are too many promises, too many lawyers, and too much crap in the courts to award you a dime, anyway.

Boy, I could go on disclaiming all day. It's a cleansing exercise for me. But you may have had enough. Picture someone reading this in court. Telling the court what an idiot you are for not being responsible for your own actions. Why, it's amazing you can even put on your own Depends.

But seriously:

This site doesn't offer investment advise. I don't collect "cookies" and I don't care where you spend your time on the web. You make your own investment picks, you pay your money and you take your own chances.

If this isn't sufficiently clear to you, please click away to some other place on the web and never visit here again.


Thanks for taking the time to read this disclaimer.




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