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“I don’t try to parallel trade you, but your timing model is better than models I’ve used in the past that cost 10-times more!”  – real reader.

“OMG Peoplenomics is Great! What a Bargain!” – real reader

Your thoughts about how to manage our resources plus managing our thoughts sure are helping a lot of us out here. “   – another reader

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  • Solar power?  It’s in there.
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  • Homesteading?  Yes!
  • Long wave economic outlook?  That’s included, too.
  • So are home improvements and construction, gardening, investing in precious metals plus our annual outlooks reveal outstand new opportunities plus a whole lot more

 Peoplenomics is your “Financial User Manual for Life.”

Readers call our weekly in depth reports “brilliant and entertaining” and the “best newsletter value out there.

Twice weekly we offer an in-depth look at a pertinent and timely topics. Ideas that can augment your own financial and lifestyle research and decision-making.

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People will occasionally ask “How is Peoplenomics different from the free 4-times weekly UrbanSurvival site?

Easy! Much of what is contained in Peoplenomics isn’t covered on the free site, or if it is, it’s on a long-delayed basis.  Peoplenomics is where our newest – and best – thinking about the future is revealed.

In Peoplenomics we ask things like “Given that the sky is falling, what should we have in our ‘sky-is-falling kit?  Or “Can we make money on falling skies?

Readers knew we moved into gold in 2001 at $276, farm/ag land in 2002, and silver in 2005 at $6.94.  Bitcoins from $390.

Our Trading Model continues to give a perspective on market timing not available anywhere else.

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